3rd Party Apps Developers

Open to a world of apps

SoftAtHome’s application framework makes 3rd party developers’ lives easier. The strong support of open standards enables a very gently learning curve, thus reducing both time-to-market and investment.


Labgency is the creator of several application on iTV sets, set-top-boxes and mobile devices. Its solutions are installed in IPTV systems cable head-ends and mobile devices and give network operators, service integrators, device manufacturers, and content programmers the ability to create interactive user experiences. Labgency developed TV applications running on the SoftAtHome Operating Platform including EPG, zapping banner, VoD and application store.

For more information about Labgency, visit : www.labgency.com

Optiva Media

Founded in 2002 by a group of experienced managers in the areas of Digital TV, Media and IT Services with real operational and consulting experienceOptiva Media is a company fully devoted to Digital TV and Media projects, already established and consolidated as the leader on Digital TV consulting and engineering. Optiva Media developed for SoftAtHome a TV player in flash for OTT content and an application store back end.

For more information about Optiva Media, visit : www.optivamedia.com


Dotscreen is one of the leading European, truly « multi-screen » agency that creates, designs and develops custom applications on any Internet-connected mass-market device such as smartTV, OTT boxes including Roku, AppleTV and AndroidTV, set-top box, game consoles, HBBTV, smartphones, tablets, connected car radios, smartwatches, VR Glasses… DOTSCREEN has completed hundreds of applications in various genres : TV Everywhere, VOD/SVOD, catch up TV, Live TV, EPG, portal, sport, news, music, radio, youth, educational, weather, horoscope, car traffic, advertising… 

For more information about Dotscreen, visit : http://www.dotscreen.com/


Founded in 2000, G-cluster Global Corporation is the first, largest, most scalable and proven multi-platform cloud gaming service, available to more than eight million game players worldwide. G-cluster provides a fully-featured white label service offering casual and AAA games playable over broadband networks, regardless of the device used to access the service: TV, tablet, mobile or PC. The company's client base includes Broadmedia Corporation, SFR and Orange, and content partnerships with leading game studios such as Disney, Ubisoft and Warner Bros. G-cluster is headquartered in Tokyo, with offices in Espoo, Finland and Paris.

For more information about G-cluster, visit : http://www.gcluster.com/


Zappware, headquartered in Belgium, designs, develops and integrates compelling and revenue-generating interactive television (iTV) services and end-to-end solutions for operators and broadcasters, content distributors, brand marketers, and anyone looking to create a more intimate relationship with TV viewers. Zappware uniquely combines the highest levels of creativity with the latest technology and techniques into simple, intuitive solutions that reliably integrate with any content delivery mechanism.

Zappware delivers a range of off-the-shelf and custom-designed solutions for popular iTV services such as Electronic Program Guides (EPGs), Video-on-Demand (VoD) portals, Personal Video Recording (PVR) applications, and viewer Apps. Its multi-screen solutions, currently deployed on millions of devices around the world, also include head-end components that allow the operator to manage the complete digital TV service, and they are easily deployed in any cable, IPTV, OTT, terrestrial, satellite or hybrid environment.

For more information about Zappware, visit : www.zappware.com


As one of the forerunners of the French Tech, Hubee is the French leading company providing VOD expertise and devising dedicated solutions for the media ecosystem. Based in the heart of Paris and having just entered its 6th year, Hubee develops and publishes multiscreen technological solutions for all publishers of video content and interactive services. Boasting close to a hundred clients worldwide, with hundreds of projects undertaken, Hubee helps its clients grow their client base, increase their revenues and market share, and deliver videos to several millions of unique visitors every day.

Information about Hubee can be found at www.hubee.tv


Metrological enables MVPDs to personalize their TV experience, delivering a complete product suite to launch, manage and monetize branded TV App stores and user experiences. Leveraging its cloud-based Application Platform, Metrological delivers lifecycle app support, enabling MVPDs to bring together all content sources into a single viewer experience across any device. Via the Metrological Application Platform, content providers reach more than 20 million households with a single app across operator networks that run the Metrological Application Platform. The company’s customer base includes cable and telecommunications companies such as Ooredoo and Liberty Global, as well as leading content providers and app developers. Founded in 2005, Metrological is based in The Netherlands with offices in the U.S. and Europe.

For more information please visit www.metrological.com


Founded in 2004 by Tomasz Zielinski. Vestiacom specialises in creating and delivering solutions based on ecosystem where hardware and software are in symbiosis and the user experience at heart. Agile and ingenious, Vestiacom has been developing innovations for Telecom operators and service providers worldwide and helping them stand out and live up to their brand promise by offering superlative customer journeys. The recipient of an award at the 2015 Broadband World Forum in the Best Connected Home Service or Solution" category, Vestiacom has offices in Warsaw and Lublin, Poland.

For more information, please visit www.vestiacom.com

Accedo Broadband

Accedo Broadband is the leading provider of applications for IPTV and Connected TV. Accedo Broadband provides the largest available application store for IPTV and Connected TV containing, for example, VoD, Catch-up TV, IPTV games, music, karaoke, lifestyle, niche sports, weather, social media and communication services. Accedo broadband ported Flash games on top of the SoftAtHome Operating Platform.

For more information about Accedo Broadband, visit : www.accedobroadband.com.

Avanquest Software

Avanquest Software (EPA: AVQ), is a world leader in developing and publishing software for businesses and consumers, in categories ranging from mobility to utilities by way of multimedia. Together, Avanquest Software and SoftAtHome developed a parental control solution to extend security to all the devices that access the Internet from their home. Avanquest Software created this innovative application thanks to the SoftAtHome Operating Platform that provides a complete range of APIs.

For more information about Avanquest Software, visit : groupe.avanquest.com


Icareus Group is one of the leading companies in the area of interactive television; it activates media companies to increase their revenues and customer satisfaction by creating TV centric interactive services and technologies. Icareus offers its content and solutions for broadcasters, cable-, satellite- and mobile operators, TV and media production companies and service providers. Icareus has been developing TV games and other iTV applications on   the SoftAtHome Opeating Platform using the SoftAtHome APIs.

For more information about Icareus, visit : www.icareus.com


Sesam TV

Depuis sa création, SESAMTV intervient dans les principaux domaines des télécoms, des médias et de l’électronique grand public. Dans le cadre de son développement, SESAMTV couvre aussi de nouveaux secteurs tels que l’automobile, la banque et les services financiers, l’énergie, et les transports.